Awards - Summer 3

12th May 2017
In recognition of their outstanding behaviour, contributions, efforts and attainment, congratulations to all our pupils who received awards this week.
Gruffalo:  Henry, Hailie-Mai, Maisy, Gracie, Rosie
Unicorn:  Olivia, Eleanor, Jack, Sophie W, Ottilie
Pegasus:  Ben, Henry, Cameron, Max
Hobbit:   JP, Kaya
Art:  Isla, Coral, Amelia, Poppy, Cameron
Song of Sounds:  Henry, Ronnie, Joshua, Evie, Rayan, Maisy, Daniel, Emilia, Aurelia,                                       Felix, Joey, Hailie-Mai, Paison, Tommy, Brooke, Gracie, Dolly, Toby
Golden Dustpan:  Gruffalo