Awards - Week 9

11th November 2016
This week's role of honour is a long one... CONGRATULATIONS to all.
Star Learners
Gruffalo: Josh, Evie, Paison, Neave
Unicorn: Olivia, Dylan, Elliot, Santino, Ottilie
Pegasus: Cameron, Marco, Max, Jessica, Oliver, Poppy
Hobbit: Lucas, Rian, Kaya
Daisy received a special clap from the whole school for her efforts at mastering a tricky concept in subtraction maths.
The following have all reached the BRONZE level with their team points...WOW!
Pegasus: Cameron, Ben
The following have all reached the SILVER level with their team points...AMAZING!
Unicorn: Santino, Tabitha, Penny, Finton
Pegasus: Matt