Maths Fluency

Maths Around the World is the new Fluency scheme that children will be following at Rusper. It will encourage pupils to practise their Fluency skills.
Each half-term allows pupils to visit a new ‘continent’ where each country they visit is a specific fluency target building up towards an overall target. Each child's progress will be recorded in a 'Passport', which enables them to track where they've visited and what skills they've acquired (an example passport can be found below).
The breakdown of each half-term's targets can also be found using the links in the Maths menu on the left of the screen, which include overview sheets that will also give you ideas/questions that you can use to help children practise their skills.
E-learning parent workshop - 30 April '18
We recently held a parent workshop about e-learning for Maths at Rusper, and the benefits of regular practice. The presentation from this workshop can be found here, and links to our e-learning resources are in the Maths menu on the left of the screen.
Fluency parent workshop - 26 February '18
At this workshop we introduced our Maths Fluency 'Around the World' programme to our parents. the presentation used at the workshop is below.