Rusper Remembers

11th November 2016
At 11:00 am today, Rusper Primary School Pupils listened to the bells of St. Mary Magdalene Church chime eleven times and then fell silent as a mark of respect for the servicemen who gave their lives to protect our country during and since the first world war.
As part of their learning journey, the pupils of Hobbit class went to the local war memorial this afternoon to read the names of the 31 servicemen from Rusper who gave their lives during the first and second world wars. The children have been studying 'The Soldier' by Rupert Brooke. Whilst at the memorial they gave a very moving recital of the poem. In addition some pupils read their own poems, inspired by the war poets such as Brooke.
This Sunday the name of Herbert Banks an ex Rusper headteacher will be read at the remembrance service at St Mary Magdalene church by Marco from Pegasus class.