FORPS Committee 2018/19

Who Role
Nikki Rooney Chair
Mina Gingell Treasurer
Lorna Prill Secretary

FORPS Year Representatives 2018/19

Who Year Children
Laura R William
Shona 1 Eisa
Mel 2 Toby (& Ollie in Y6)
Lorna 3 Aurelia
Jo 4 Eleanor
Judy 5 Harriet (& Rupert in Y3)
Martina 6 Reece

FORPS Staff Representatives 2018/19

Who Role
Nick Avey Head Teacher
Catherine Pinder Business Manager

At Rusper Primary the ‘Friends’ aim to provide fun family fundraising events that the whole community can enjoy. We recognise that our parents and carers are as unique as each student, with a wealth of skills, knowledge and experience that the whole school could potentially benefit from. We therefore try to make everyone feel welcome and make our activities accessible so that anyone who wants to be involved can be.

In 2017/18 we successfully came together to raise an amazing £6,202.48 for the school. This is a phenomenal figure and one that we hope to repeat again this year because we have a big project in mind. We would like to be able to build and furnish a brand new outbuilding to create additional classroom, practice, and breakout space.

If you would like to get involved or find out more about the Friends of Rusper Primary School then you can contact us via email FORPS@rusper.w-sussex.sch.uk, or leave us a message in the school office.