Curriculum at Rusper

Rusper primary is committed to providing a curriculum of the highest standards. We are currently re-writing our curriculum policies. This is section is under on-going development. 
For further enquiries, please make contact with the school office to request a meeting with the headteacher.
Curriculum Intent
Design, Coverage and Appropriateness 

At Rusper Primary, we believe that the acquisition of knowledge and skills is the right of every child. Our curriculum weaves together rich, purposeful and progressive learning experiences for each class. Our curriculum is designed to develop all pupils with the attributes necessary for successful future learning; and to make positive contributions to their community and wider society beyond.

Inclusivity is at the heart of our ethos, and our curriculum is planned to enable all learners to develop the resilience and aspiration for self-improvement according to their own needs.

In all specific academic subjects and more broadly, learning promotes our school values.

Our curriculum will

-          Be memorable, enabling pupils to gain knowledge and skills with enthusiasm and curiosity.

-          Encourage learners to become independent

-          Encourage learner’s pride in and responsibility for their own progress

-          Encourage learners to be collaborative – working alongside others for the greater good

-          In all things, at all times encourage learners to be respectful.


By the end of the Primary phase, Rusper Primary intends to have equipped all learners with

-          detailed knowledge in a broad range of subjects

-          the skills to apply gained knowledge within and across subjects.


Our curriculum coverage is driven by our local context. The required knowledge content of individual subjects will be driven by the identified gaps in cultural capital for our pupils. (Examples of this can be found in RE – the RPS context is culturally narrow so it is important to include access to multi-faith, multi-cultural learning; in RSE – the RPS context is it is important to develop pupil understanding of how to stay safe at home when relationships go wrong, in an age appropriate way)

Long Term Subject maps will specify the knowledge coverage and the subject specific skills to be applied. Skills will be mapped progressively to correspond with age-appropriate developmental stages. Intended outcomes will demonstrate what successful knowledge acquisition and skill application will look like.

By the end of the Primary phase, Rusper Primary aspires to create learners and problem solvers for life!

Curriculum Implementation

Literacy will be taught up to 90 mins daily. It has its own section and includes

-          Writing units as covered via  ‘Power of Reading’ texts (the POR approach to motivating writers through  immersion into rich texts)

-          Phonics Units (via the ‘Song of Sounds’ pedagogy of memorising through song and games)

-          Guided Reading (via the ‘VIPERS’ pedagogy of teaching the technical skills of reading comprehension)

-          Spelling via (via the ‘No Nonsence’ approach to spelling)


Maths will be taught up to 75 mins daily. It has its own sections and includes the weekly bi/weekly areas. RPS follows the Cambridge scheme to support with sequencing maths content.


PSHE/RSE will be taught 45-60 mins weekly. It has its own sections to show the units covered. RPS currently uses the Islington scheme + NSPCC and Education 4 safeguarding resources for supporting PSHE content.


PE will be taught 120 mins weekly. It has its own sections to show the focus areas covered. RPS will be reviewing its teaching approaches to PE over the next School Improvement cycle.



Foundation Subjects All other NC subjects will now be taught in focussed project weeks or fortnights. The Pedagogical change is driven by research and theory that points to better knowledge retention and recall where subjects are delivered in intense clustered timeframes eg ‘8 hrs in one week’ rather than ‘1 hr in each week for 8 weeks’. This means that  6-8hrs pw will be given over to a subject project in each class. This will be the equivalent of having an ‘art week’ or a ‘science week’ each week.

This approach is also supported by local (RPS) evidence of our pupils responding negatively as learners to the frequent subject changes in a compartmentalised timetable. They can’t ‘get into’ a subject when it is delivered in a piecemeal fashion.

These projects will be supported CUSP and KAPOW subject resources. Both schemes utilise a vocabulary rich approach, and an assess and review pedagogy throughout units and year groups. Tis will allow RPS to clearly demonstrate effective assessment practices in foundation subjects.

The long term plan will reflect which subject project is in which week / fortnight.