General Data Protection Register (GDPR)

Rusper Primary School is registered with the ICO - reference Z5449156.
From 25th May 2018 Data protection regulations have changed.  This page shows how Rusper Primary School use and store your data.  It also gives you information about how to access and change the data we hold on you or your child and what consent you are asked to give.
Our lawful basis for collecting and processing personal data at Rusper Primary School is to allow us to carry out our official functions and statutory tasks in the public interest. Where we wish to process personal data that is not in the public interest (such as use of photos) we obtain parental/carer consent*. Where the School takes a photograph or film of someone on school premises, events or trips and wants to use this image for educational purposes, consent is not required.  However, a child's parent/carer must be informed that photography or filming is taking place and the context in which the image will be used. 
Once the school has received consent (at the point the child is admitted to the school**) it will cover their time at Rusper until they leave. If additional consent is required for an event, a new request for consent will be asked of parents/carers.
Consent can be withdrawn at any time, in writing at the school office. You will receive a receipt of a withdrawal of consent and it will be acted upon within a reasonable period of time and no longer than one month from the date of receipt.
The school have appointed Clare Garabet as the Data Protection Officer, and all staff and Governors are aware of the regulations.
Any enquiries about data should go to the Data Protection Officer via the Rusper e-mail address or by calling 01293 871272.
*Where a child is less than 16 years old consent must be given by an individual with parental responsibility.
**Due to changes in the law we will soon be re-requesting consent for all R-Y5 children to ensure our compliance.
Our Policies
Our procedures
Our privacy notices
All policies and procedures will be reviewed and updated once a year.  The next review date is set for May 2019.  This review will be carried out by the DPO and any changes agreed with the Headteacher and Governors.
Policies and procedures will also be reviewed if there are any changes to how data is managed at the school, Government guidelines  or following a breach of data security.
Rusper uses third party IT systems in order to process data such as attendance, communication and special needs information.  All providers are GDPR compliant and have strict procedures in please to protect any information they hold. The main third party providers we use are listed below. Please see their websites to review their Data Protection policies.
SIMS - run on behalf of West Sussex County Council by Capita.  It holds all of the pupils information that is required for their education.  Contact details for the pupils and parents/guardian as well as any special needs and medical information.  This information is passed to any school that the pupil transfers to through an electronic CTF file.  This system also provides the Government details for census and exam results as well as recording registration and attendance information.
Pupil Tracker - On this system test results and assessments are kept to help the school monitor pupil progress.  This system gets data from SIMS.
eSchools - This is the schools communication platform. Data is transferred from SIMS to eSchools.  The data required will be basic name, sex and email address that is used for communicating.
Tapestry - Used in Early Years to capture observations of the children's progress.  This can be shared with parents.
Braiswick - Our school photographer, used to capture individual and class images throughout a pupils time at Rusper.
Cool Milk, Chartwells, My Maths, Manga High, letterjoin - These systems use minimal pupil data such as name and date of birth.  Pupil data is deleted from these systems once a child leaves Rusper.